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TTCS provides professional development training and consulting services for law enforcement and public safety agencies as well as the public and private sectors.

We are committed to delivering high quality and professional services while providing the highest standards of excellence for training, consulting, and customer service.

Professional Development

We provide a variety of professional development training courses taught by certified experienced instructors. 

Our training represents high quality instructional methods and techniques to engage participants in the learning environment with current and up-to-date information and course materials.

Training areas include:

Leadership & Management
Operational Liability
LEO & PST Training

Consulting Services

We provide independent and objective services to help organizations run more effectively, efficiently, and productively to reduce liability risks for operations and personnel.

These services are tailored to the individual needs of an organization, division, unit, activity, or operation  that includes:

Organizational Development
Personnel Development
Risk Management Analysis
Operational Reviews & Audits
Policy and Procedure Reviews
Property & Evidence Audits

Technicon Training & Consulting Services

Since 1986

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